Governing Body minutes

These are links to the minutes from governing body and committee meetings. They are made available after the minutes are approved at the next meeting.

Full Governing Body minutes 19th September 2016 FGB 19.09.16

Curriculum Committee Meeting 21st April 2016 Curriculum committee 21.04.16

Resources Committee Meeting 7th June 2016  Resources committee 07.06.16

Full Governing Body minutes 4th July 2016 FGB 04.07.16

Full Governing Body minutes 18th April 2016 FGB 18.04.16

Resources Committee Meeting 15th March 2016 Resources committee 15.03.16

Full Governing Body minutes 18th January 2016 FGB 18.01.16

Curriculum Committee Meeting 14th January 2016 Curriculum committee 14.01.16

Resources Committee Meeting 2nd February 2016 Resources committee 02.02.16

Resources Committee Meeting 17th November 2015 Resources Committee 17.11.15

Full Governing Body minutes 14th September 2015 FGB 14.09.15

Full Governing Body minutes 13th July 2015 FGB 13.07.15

Curriculum Committee meeting 8th July 2015 Curriculum committee 08.07.15

Resources committee meeting 22nd June 2015   Resources committee 22.06.15